Victor Panaite -

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery 90%
  • Responsive Layouts 90%
  • Backbone.js 80%
  • Lodash 90%
  • Angular 80%
  • React 80%
  • Material UI 80%
  • Bootstrap 90%
  • PHP 60%
  • Design 35%
  • WordPress 70%


I am a Frontend Developer, with more than 7 years of experience in web development with a wide knowledge of HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript, delivering websites that are accessible, usable, cross-browser compatible and web standards compliant with the highest quality and fully semantic code.
I am also experienced in creating Single Page Applications using Angular, React, Backbone JS, Handlebars, Require JS and REST APIs.

I have experience in creating the architecture for Single Page Applications and for establishing the standards for starting one from scratch.

The work I’ve done in the past years gave me expertise in Frontend development, applying software engineering concepts like OOP, refactoring and design patterns.
I have more than 50 Hours of teaching experience as a Trainer of different courses related to web development, internet and usability

I could caractherize myself as a highly self-motivated and goal-oriented individual, effective problem-solver, quick learner and organized.

Specialties: Web UI, HTML5+CSS3, Backbone JS, Handlebars, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop

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